Look Out World…Here We Come!

Look Out World…Here We Come!

by F2R
June 7, 2013

The last few weeks has seen some major changes for Fun2Raise – we are now 2 years old and have moved into a bigger space! With the move, I can’t help but think about my time at Fun2Raise and back to my first interview with Jodi…at her kitchen table where Fun2Raise was headquartered! At the time, we were about 8 months old and, besides Jodi, there were only three other people at Fun2Raise – one person each for sales, design and accounting. Fast forward a few months and I arrive at Fun2Raise for my second interview – this time to a single office in an old Victorian house that now housed Jodi, a designer, an accountant and THREE sales people!  All were happily working in a little office sitting within arm’s reach of each other. When I joined the Fun2Raise family this past September, I was absorbed into that tiny physical space filled with the sounds of a group of people who LOVE what they do.
Fast forward 10 more months and here we are getting settled in our new space which is so very different from the THREE small rooms in the old Victorian house we outgrew. There are now ten Fun2Raise “family” members with plans in the near future to add a few more to our fold. Our new space has three offices, a conference room and a large common area for workstations and guests – and we feel like we have always been here.
We have already begun to reminisce about our humble beginnings in our funky little offices in the Victorian house. What we will remember from our 14 months “at the top of the hill”? Tornado and emergency sirens going off right next to the house sometimes multiple times a day. Desks and chairs shaking from the vibrations of the passing train. Invading box elder bugs and Nat screaming for Lee. The post office and its random lunch hours. The opera singer and piano player. Truly scary attic stairs. Laughter, LOTS of laughter, brought on by circumstances and conversations that only happen when you work literally on top of each other. Sharing desk space. That one restricted parking spot. The sleep-inducing heat of our offices even though the day before there was a wind chill factor in the same rooms. Virtually endless memories of a time well-spent forging relationships, creating great work and building the future of Fun2Raise Marketing!  Here’s to our humble beginnings – and to our unbelievable future!
by Stephanie Sauer