Winter Fun Is Here!

by F2R
November 21, 2017

It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving so your probably planning your Thanksgiving weekend, right? Meals, family, friends and kids will be home. If your like me, your trying to figure out some fun stuff to do with the kids while we have some time off. Our Winter Fun Guide is here just in time for a long weekend!
We are thrilled to bring you our 2nd annual Winter Fun Guide! Before we get to the what’s inside, we thought you might like to know some facts about the winters here in Minnesota.

  1. The coldest month in Minnesota is January, with an average of 4.3 degrees.  That seems cold to me, so we are hoping that in these pages you will be able to find ways to be outdoors, stay warm and enjoy great things to do indoors too!
  2. The snowiest month in Minnesota is January as well!  12.2 inches is the average.  Get ready to bundle up, build some snow forts, hit the slopes, make a cup of hot chocolate and take advantage of winter in all its glory in Minnesota.
  3. On average, it snows in Minnesota between 36 inches and 70 inches along the Lake Superior belt.  You can enjoy large snowfalls many times into Spring, here in our great state.  The city of Duluth tends to have the largest snowfall, so don’t forget to head up to the North Shore to see winter in action the longest.

Inside our guide you will find great reasons for you and your family to embrace winter, get off the couch (even though it is cozy) turn off electronic devices (or put it in airplane mode) and get out and explore the amazing things that Minnesota (and its surroundings) has to offer. It is time to try something new with your family, ski, snowboard, jump indoors as a family, take in a play, sporting event or concert! We are excited to see what you are up too and which things look like fun to you as you explore our guide!
Feel free to share photos on social media, tag Fun2raise and use the hashtag #winterfun
Remember… just because bears hibernate, Minnesotans don’t have to!