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  • Your advertising space will be featured in the promotional collateral material as detailed in this agreement. We will provide all necessary and reasonable marketing, consulting, graphic layout, and design services at no extra charge. We will make all decisions regarding advertisement placement.
  • We will provide you with the opportunity to proof and approve your advertisement. You agree to approve your advertisement, or request revisions, within 48 hours following receipt of the advertisement proof. If we do not receive your approval or revision request within 48 hours, you agree that you have approved the advertisement. We are not responsible for any advertisement content errors after we receive your approval.
  • Advertisements created by us will remain our property and cannot be reproduced in any form without our permission. If you provide us with photos for your advertisement, you warrant that you are the owner of the copyright in all photos submitted for reproductions by us or you have otherwise secured the right to reproduce the photos. You will indemnify us from any breach of this warranty.


  • You acknowledge that all sales are final and that we will not be liable for refunds. Unless alternate payment arrangements are made, payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. We will not begin ad design until payment is received. In event of nonpayment, we may refer any account to a collection agency or attorney, and you agree to pay a collection fee of 18% APR each month payment is overdue and all costs and expenses of collection on a delinquent account, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.
  • Should you request a copy/copies of advertisements published by us for other promotions, we will charge an additional fee of $200 beyond the initial advertising costs to cover the time in preparing the new advertisement according to your specifications.
  • Our liability for any action arising under this agreement, including but not limited to an error in an advertisement, will not exceed the cost of running a replacement advertisement in future promotional material.

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