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Engaging Schools and Families

Information is the most important resource a school can give their families and we do this with ease. Every school deserves to have our free resources, but aren’t able to design, print and afford the digital resource development that we provide to them. With FUN2RAISE all of the financial pressure is alleviated. We do the work and give you the resource absolutely FREE!

FUN2RAISE works directly with educational institutions to create custom and official publications both in print and digital as a communication tool on behalf of the organization.

Our customized district/school calendars and directories afford our schools the luxury of being able to provide high-quality informational tools used throughout the school year without any cost and in fact, many times there is a financial gift in addition after product delivery.  Our free print and digital platforms engage school families providing them with informational channels within their school and community.

FUN2RAISE works alongside community businesses and sponsors to provide a vehicle to grow in these school communities, affording these schools resources that connect the school community to the local businesses that serve them.

Gifting Schools
Time & Money

Time goes by so quickly for a young family, and door-to-door sales are NOT what we want to be doing with that limited supply!

We’ve seen the toll event organization can take on the families of volunteers. That’s why FUN2RAISE was born — to let the kids be kids, the parents be parents, and the professionals raise the funds!

Custom Boutique School Calendars

School calendars are one of the most effective tools for connecting families. Our printed and digital calendars can build a school community and keep families informed and involved. Everyone agrees that physical calendars are more useful and carry more weight and integrity. They give a school a sense of professionalism, and parents take things in print more seriously than a mass email.

Calendars Include

  • A gorgeous custom cover with your school’s name and information
  • School-wide communication for events and important dates (provided by each school)
  • Easy reference for days off
  • Field Trips, Late Starts, Digital Days, Sporting Events, Conferences, PTO Meetings, Health Screening Days, Picture Days and More
  • List of all important numbers and contacts in your organization
  • A notes section for daily, weekly and monthly reminders
  • Community sponsors and offers to take advantage of throughout the school year.


Just like calendars, directories are an incredibly helpful resource for parents and students to connect. Directories make it easy to keep everyone in the school in contact with each other. Fostering a healthy school community is extremely important, and our printed lists offer a safe and secure way to enable a school community to stay in touch.

Managing personal data can be quite tricky, and a physical directory helps keep that task safe and straightforward.

Directories Include

  • A gorgeous custom cover with your school’s name and information
  • District, school and faculty contact information at your fingertips
  • Class lists by grade and teacher
  • Alphabetized family list
  • Names, addresses, phone numbers, emails of school families (school or district permission)

How we work for YOU

FUN2RAISE makes it easy for schools. We give families and volunteers the gift of time. We have products and a process that was created for you! Our calendars and directories help build the school up while promoting student, family, and community engagement.

• No spending countless hours volunteering.

• No Selling for Kids and their Families

Our Commitment

We raise your funds. This way of funding is fueled by strategic marketing experts and NOT volunteer hours.

How we work for YOU

FUN2RAISE makes it easy for schools and organizations. We give families and volunteers the gift of time. We have products and a process that was created just for you! Our calendars, directories, and custom organization sponsorship programs work for you when you don’t have to.

We gather all your content and information and provide resources and programming that are essential to your organization’s growth, development, and connection.

Our Commitment

We work for you! Custom products and programs to enhance your school or organization. Delivered to you before school starts and directories when you ask for them. Our goal is the connect the dots in your organization and create products that make life easier for you and your community.

Connecting Business to Communities

Why Advertise with Fun2Raise?

Why advertise anyplace else? Be a part of our highly visible and captive audience. It’s all about marketing to your niche: The Fun2raise Niche.

  • Local Communities
  • School Communities
  • School staff
  • Families with kids
  • Families engaged in activities (sports, dance, art and more)

We are your trusted community partner. We work directly with your business to market inside our network of schools, sports organizations, and families.

Not only do you build your business, but you are working with us to ensure that schools can receive the necessary products that we provide. Never before have advertisers been allowed to market inside the school system.

With Fun2Raise, we open the door for you to market inside this protected environment in a very captive and targeted way. The substantial marketing experience we provide is like no other.

We are building your business while building their future. Experience the Fun2Raise direct connect. Your customer + our audience = The Fun2Raise Influence

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