Blog Post #1

by F2R
April 11, 2013

I am so excited to be entering Blog post #1 from Fun2Raise. I hope you follow us to infinity and beyond! Being a mom and business owner sure has its challenges, like how do I get the kids up (even though they should be self-sufficient), help with lunches, get them out the door (or maybe drive them to the bus stop) and then start a business from scratch during the day and run the kids all evening to activities, make dinner, homework and then do it all again? Yes, there are many times I am screaming for Calgon, but the thought of immersing in a tub after a long day, just doesn’t do the trick.
I find myself thinking of what can we do next as a company, who is the next school or sports organization that we can help and what would make a difference in their world and ours? Many nights that is the mantra that puts me to sleep and sometimes I awaken with the A-HA moment and sometimes I am just too tired to lift my head and even begin to complete the thought. Either way, I know every day we are making a difference somewhere and to some organization.
Fun2Raise is a labor of love, one that I have for my children-not wanting them to sell door to door and not wanting the pressure to be on my kids (our kids) for fundraising. Kids these days have so many pressures and I would rather not have them worry about where the schools or sports organization next dollar is going to come from, that is my job (not as a parent), but as the owner of Fun2Raise.
Please follow us on this journey as we have “Only Just Begun” Karen Carpenter, I think? We are looking to grow and expand and give as much money as we can to schools and sports organizations, all over the country. Check back for FUN tips about the art of UN- Fundraising, fun things to do with your families, recipes and much more.
Most of all thanks for giving this busy mom the reason to put her wheels in motion! By motion, I mean not just driving carpool, but driving a company that’s main goal is to give back to the community!