Here's To the Professionals Raising the FUNds!

Here's To the Professionals Raising the FUNds!

by F2R
May 15, 2013

I did fundraisers when I was a kid.  I sold cookies.  I sold ads in programs.  I did read-a-thons.  I remember boxes of World’s Greatest Chocolate Bars that I was supposed to sell.  I carried the boxes of irresistible candy bars around for weeks… and ate a LOT of them.  All of that hardwork as a child doesn’t even include the countless donations my parents gave the school from our family.  I am so happy to be working for a company that changes the game of fundraising!
I give free money to schools!  That is my job, how awesome is that?  I am so excited to do something with my work hours that makes a real difference!  In the short time that I have been with Fun2raise, we have given back close to $150,000 to schools all over the state!  At the same time, we have given hundreds of local businesses the opportunity to market and grow their business with the people that mean the most to them.
As I page through our new website I am full of pride in what we are building.  It is exciting to be part of something that is growing and changing so quickly!  There is always a surprise around the corner.  Whether it is a new school we are working with, a new project format, a summer fun guide, or a mobile app (can’t wait!) there is always something to look forward to and a new twist and turn in how to raise more money for our future generations.
Here’s to letting the kids be kids, the parents be parents, and the professionals Raising the Funds!
Sheri Selly-Account Executive

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