Happy New School Year!

Happy New School Year!

by F2R
August 15, 2013

I do not make New Year’s resolutions. In the middle of winter I am just not that motivated. I find that the first day of school is the most motivating day of the year! I do not make any resolutions on that day but I always vow that I am going to get organized. I love the structure that the new school year brings: no sleeping in, set bedtimes, the kids are gone most of the day so the house is less messy, quiet homework time in the evening, instead of ringing doorbells, loud video games and fighting siblings (o.k. they still fight during the school year but they have less time to do it!).
And where is the first place I turn to get organized? My school calendar! When I get my calendar, the organization begins! I highlight the school events on the calendar that pertain to my family and then I get the pencil out and add the dentist, doctor, orthodontist, vet, haircut and any other appointments I can think of along with all the sports practices and game times and carpool driving commitments. This calendar then sits prominently on our kitchen desk for the next year for the entire family to use.
I love and need my school calendar. So imagine how much fun it is to be at Fun2Raise during our “Calendar Season”! We have been working hard this summer to bring school calendars to more and more busy families. In fact we have doubled the number of school calendars that will be on students’ desks at open houses this fall!
Happy New School Year! Grab your calendar and get organized! If you are not one of the lucky ones to get a Fun2Raise calendar this fall, we hope to give you a full color, calendar that you will use every day (just like I do)! It’s a one-of-a-kind and you can only get it from Fun2Raise!
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Tonya Brandt-Accountant