Calendars, Directories and More…Oh MY!

Calendars, Directories and More…Oh MY!

by F2R
September 6, 2013

While parents, children, teachers and staff  spent the latter weeks of summer vacation soaking up every last minute they can, we at Fun2Raise  geared up to present local schools and families with awesome back to school projects and raising lots of money for local schools and organizations. 

 This has been my first “back to school season” with F2R and everyone kept saying “Oh you wait- it gets crazier.” Boy were they right! The energy and excitement that fills our office everyday is so energizing! There are new clients to meet, school representatives finalizing their projects and creative new ads to approve. It truly is a great place to be. Most of our school calendars have been printed and now we’re at the real craziness- school directories! We have 18 (?) directories going out this fall along with many other great projects. 
When I was meeting with a new client this past spring and mentioned we have the directories coming soon he reached in to his desk and pulled out the Basswood Directory and with a big grin on his face he said “Like This?” He went on to tell me how useful the directory is with their family and how they even talked the school in to giving them another copy so both mom and dad would have one. I’ve heard over and over from parents and staff about the wonderful convenience the directories have provided and countless use they receive. The excitement across the board is a wonderful reminder of our quality products that provide so much funding for local programs. 
We love sitting down with advertisers, families and schools and getting feedback on our always revolving products. We’ve listened to the parents needs and applied their feedback to this years directories. We are now adding a Home Headquarters resource guide to every directory. This is a tool for parents to find everything and anything home related right in their neighborhood with businesses that support and value their school. 
We’ve also added a Celebration section in the center of the directories. Please tell me I’m not the only mom who struggles with planning parties and trying to find something different. The guide will have venues, entertainment and everything else party related.
A few schools have already started the new year, many more will start this week and while we’re just in the peak of our busy season I’m so excited to see all of the products coming this year and the new schools and organizations we will work with. I think I can speak for all of us at Fun2Raise  when I say that we are honored to have the privilege to make a difference with local businesses marketing, help provide useful tools for the families and more importantly help schools Raise The FUNds! 
Andrea Grabow