We’re putting on our flip flops here at Fun2Raise!

We’re putting on our flip flops here at Fun2Raise!

by F2R
February 23, 2015

FlipFlopsYes, you read that correctly! It might be -12 outside today but we are excited about summer! Are YOU ready for summer? We sure are! We love summer especially for the warm, sunny weather but more importantly to embrace what such a beautiful state we live in. Minnesota summer weather allows us to do such a variety of activities to keep our families busy. And with that said….we can barely contain the excitement any longer. We are so excited to announce that we have just launched our 3rd Annual Summer Fun Guide and it is bigger and better than EVER before!
This year, it will be given to multiple schools under the Fun2Raise umbrella, distributed to key locations throughout the Twin Cities AND the best part….it will be direct mailed to neighborhoods within a 7-county radius in the Twin Cities!
Are your kids ages K-8 and hungry to learn and have fun while school’s out? This is the PERFECT resource for you! The 2015 Summer Fun Guide will consist of all types of summer fun for EVERY family including camps, workshops, getaways, activities, academic opportunities and much more!
Get ready to grab YOUR flip flops and join us in welcoming the warm weather and a summer full of FUN! The 2015 Summer Fun Guide is officially off to print so be sure to look for a copy this March in your school, community or even your own front door!