Fun2Raise Turns Four!

Fun2Raise Turns Four!

by F2R
May 19, 2015

Last week we celebrated our four year anniversary! Seems like just yesterday Jodi and I were sitting at her kitchen table dreaming up projects and schools we could take on. What started with 4 schools has now turned into over 100 organizations within the Twin Cities and Michigan!
In 4 years we have given schools & sports organization in our local community over $350,000!
How cool is that? Guess what? It’s not all about the money… these schools love the products we give them! They look forward to getting their school Calendars & Directories at back to school. I think we are just as excited to see the finished product as they are.  MONTHS and months of planning and work goes into our Calendars & Directories. Each year we create a new look for schools to choose from, here are a few of my favorites from this year!
In addition a lot of time also goes into the ads we design for our clients… it’s exciting to see it all come together with the school content and business supporters. School isn’t even out yet, but we are in full swing for all of our Back to school projects!
We’ve come a long way in 4 years with the design and look of our calendars. When we first started it was just me. I love my designer co-workers Caity and Lee! Having other designers to work with makes a huge difference. We work great as a team, and come up with some pretty awesome designs for our clients and schools! Each year we have a focus group with our clients and the organizations we work for. After the focus group we revamp and tweak the overall look & size! Our look has definitely evolved over the past four years! Don’t you think?
Since I live in Maple Grove, being a part of Fun2Raise means my designs make an impact on community I live in, that makes me proud to work for Fun2Raise. These projects give back to the communities and grow our local businesses… what more could we want?  As Fun2Raise grows so do the schools and its supporters. What an exciting four years. I can’t wait to see where we grow to!