Keeping it FUN at Fun2Raise!

Keeping it FUN at Fun2Raise!

by F2R
July 7, 2015

Here at Fun2Raise, we’re always looking for new ways to add even MORE value to our calendars and directories… not only for our advertisers but to our families getting these products as well. This year, we have added something BRAND new that we are so excited about! In each calendar and directory, you will find page 1 consisting of exclusive businesses that will each be known as a #F2RFamilyFave.
Our goal with this addition is to increase awareness of some absolute FAVES to the families in our schools. These businesses will be in EVERY single calendar and directory that we produce in Minnesota! We have launched this campaign for the 2015-16 school year and look forward to making it a tradition in the years to come.


Check out our logo and keep your eyes open for it! It will be on page 1 of every calendar and directory and also on every ad those advertisers place with us. Once you see who the faves are, visit that business, snap your picture while you’re there, and use #F2RFamilyFave on social media for a chance to win awesome prizes from your fave!
Good luck and have some FUN while you’re at it!