Picking a Word for the Year

Picking a Word for the Year

by F2R
January 13, 2016

I gave up on resolutions long ago when I discovered the popular trend of choosing one word for the year. I’ve been picking my word of the year for at least the 5 years now, as well as the tradition of creating a vision board each January.
How you can find that word that you need? Ask yourself these questions:
What is your vision for the New Year?
What do you want your year to look and feel like?
What were you lacking in 2015?
What do you want more of in your life?
What’s missing?
Why pick just one word? I used to make resolutions like eat healthy and go to the gym 3 times a week. Ummmm… they never lasted, they never worked. By picking my one word, it becomes your mantra, your goal and really a way of living. Last year my word was simplify. I simplified my belongings, my way of thinking and my lifestyle. I learned that a simple life is a beautiful life. I was selling my house and felt like there was so much clutter and STUFF that was weighing me down. What happened when I simplified all my belongings? It actually changed my thoughts, my way of thinking, my way of seeing the world and even the people I love. I read books and blogs on simplifying. I put the word on my vision board really big and it was that constant gentle reminder of what I wanted to call into my life. The word really became a part of me, which they always to do.
At our Monday morning meeting we all picked a word for the year…. And shared why we picked that word. I’d like to share with you what words we picked. I think there is power is sharing this, with your family and the people who you are close to in your life. It was really cool to hear what my co-worker’s words were.
Here they are:
Karen – Project Coordinator – Smile
Kristin – Sales Executive – Accomplish
Lori – Project Coordinator – Growth
Caity – Graphic Designer – Focus
Lee – Graphic Designer – Rediscover
Sheri – Sales Executive – Mindfulness
Tonya – Accountant – Accountability
Andrea– Sales Executive – Push
Sefani – Sales Executive – Add
Natalie – Graphic Designer – Do
I can’t wait to follow up this post at the end of the year and let you know how our words changed us! What word will you call into your life to transform your year? Our word here at Fun2Raise is EXCEL, and each week we have a word to focus on. This week our word is ambition. I am excited to see the transformations in each of us and in Fun2Raise!
Written By: Natalie King, Graphic Designer