Fun2Raise Finds Marketing Tips For The Holidays!

Fun2Raise Finds Marketing Tips For The Holidays!

by F2R
February 21, 2020

1. 82% of internet users trust print advertising more than digital! 
(According to Linchpin SEO)

2. A customer in your marketing campaign gives you credibility in your community.
Local = Relatable

3. Attach your business to personalized content—Find captive information and tie it to your marketing strategy.

4. Advertise in smaller more focused publications and platforms. A smaller more focused audience ensures readership and impressions.5. Unite your marketing campaigns in print, digital and social spaces and tie them all together into a perfect partnership.

6. Add codes and links to turn your print campaigns into a gateway to your digital and social presence.

7. Everyone loves a good story. Telling a story through your marketing campaign adds real-world engagement!

8. Color and texture can significantly sway a customer’s mood.

9. Have your consumers subscribe through all of your platforms and keep them engaged!

We hope you find these tips useful as you create your 2020 vision!