Fun2Raise Finds These Healthy-For-Kids Lunches!

Fun2Raise Finds These Healthy-For-Kids Lunches!

by F2R
February 21, 2020

We at Fun2Raise are all about families and kids, so here are some healthy ideas to pop into their lunch or use as an after school snack!

• Hummus and veggie sticks
• Sliced cucumber with a wedge of lemon and a little salt
• Melon balls
• Spiralized veggies and dipping sauce
• Cherry tomatoes
• Slices of star fruit (so fun to play with!)
• Salad in a cup, dressing in another
• Applesauce
• Watermelon chunks
• Broccoli or cauliflower tots and ketchup
• Itty bitty champagne grapes (so cute and sweet!)
• Cucumber sandwich wedges (like at high tea)
• Apple slices with peanut butter
• Dried fruit
• Mandarin orange slices (fresh is great, but keep a can in the cabinet!)
• A couple of pieces of veggie sushi with a packet of soy sauce
• Roasted seaweed or kale snacks (they come in great flavors)
• Fried plantain slices
• Pickles (cut or whole)
• Any berries and a decadent little cup of whipped cream