2 years ago

Terms & Conditions

Duties of F2R Marketing:

  • F2R Marketing will create, produce, and deliver all products selected to the Organization for distribution by the Organization to its members and families.

  • Prior Approval. F2R Marketing will place all advertisements in accordance with the Organization’s approval.

  • F2R Marketing will communicate with the Organization about the progress and status of all products and will inform the Organization of any delays or problems encountered.

Duties of Organization

  • The Organization understands that F2R Marketing may require the Organization to communicate with its families and/or members to advance sales efforts and to send information/links regarding products and agrees to do so in the time and manner as requested by F2R Marketing. 
  • The Organization agrees that all information given to F2R Marketing for inclusion in products will be complete, accurate and true to the best of the Organization’s knowledge.
  • Any products, including associated promotional materials, are the sole property of F2R Marketing and are core to F2R Marketing’s business. Neither the Organization nor a third party hired by it will copy, duplicate, recreate, or resell any such projects, including any promotional materials.
  • The Organization will distribute products, in accordance with F2R instructions, to its families within 7 days of delivery of the product by F2R Marketing.

 All product orders are considered final and noncancellable and will be put into production immediately.