February 21, 2020

Fun2Raise Finds Community Marketing Powerful!

“Bloom where you are planted” is the saying that is applicable to community marketing. Put down roots, water and nurture your surroundings, because rewards are tenfold. Community breeds referrals, loyalty, networking, and growth. What is… Continue Reading

February 21, 2020

Fun2Raise Finds Marketing Tips For The Holidays!

1. 82% of internet users trust print advertising more than digital! (According to Linchpin SEO) 2. A customer in your marketing campaign gives you credibility in your community.Local = Relatable 3. Attach your business to personalized… Continue Reading

September 3, 2015

Round One… Ding! Ding!

Let's do this! And by round one I don’t mean this our first time in the ring. We are in our fourth calendar season.... We did it! The calendars are done! This year at F2R we sold ads, designed and distributed calendars for 24 schools in the Twin Cities... what an accomplishment! Four years ago when we started at the… Continue Reading

July 7, 2015

Keeping it FUN at Fun2Raise!

Here at Fun2Raise, we’re always looking for new ways to add even MORE value to our calendars and directories… not only for our advertisers but to our families getting these products as well. This year, we have added something BRAND new that we are so excited about! In each calendar and directory, you will find page 1 consisting of exclusive… Continue Reading


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